【Hetalia fic】The Sun Never Sets 請插上避雷針~ください

This is my first Hetalia fiction created with all my love.
Everything happens surrounding England. The obvious clue is his experience while the indistinct one is the change of the atmosphere between him and America.
Written in another style, descriptions for mental activity is ample. I do realize that the mindsets between people in diffenrent areas are so dissimilar. So weird!
As a non-English native speaker, I'm sorry if my expression is awkward, stiff, and palm.
Written in Chinese Originally, I'm gonna translated it with some more details added to though the original edition hasn't come to an end yet. With endless tests and exams bothered, I'm not sure how long it takes to finish. It'll be removed to Fanfiction with it accomplished.
PAIRING:America x England(main), England x Japan, England x Canada, France x Canada
RATING: T for now and maybe M for the future.
At last I must clarify that I don't own Hetalia, however.
Comments are loved.

I'm so sorry! The mid-term exam to be taken on November 9th has cost me so much time to prepare for that I'm afraid I can't go on with it until then. One hundred thousand apologises!
If you were in China, you could only have been complaining about it.
The Sun Never Sets
By Zeroko
Arthur Kirkland woke up with a start finding himself trapped into the cream-colored blanket.
With sweat moistened his yukata, which proved the dream petrifying, he fumbled and felt nobody aside.
"The sun has set ,Arthur."
Closing his eyes, in his mind appeared the magnetic voice and the feeling of the tight grip again and again .
As a result not until he regain his consciousness did he feel obliged to keep his eyes open.
Today should be the 1st of August, when he used to set off returning London.
Drizzling days never failed to be frustrating. July was the time that push Arthur into enomous agony though London rained throughout the year making no diffences.
Having booked the ticket for 3oth of June's flight, he settled in a hotel beside a hot spring while having landed in Kyodou,Japan.
It was a pity that he had missed spring, the time with petals of cherry blossom blowing over the fields. Once upon a time he, following Kiku, admired cherry blossoms in Nijyoujyou, Kyodou, for the reason that it was considered its activities more tasteful than Tokyo. Cherry blomssoms never withered, which was told by Kiku, for it fell through the air while being in full bloom. How could they
At least, Arthur admitted to unable to it.

"But why…"

"Mr Kirkland, there's someone wanna meet you."
"Come in."
"Good morning, Arthur-san."
"Ah…Kiku! Last night…"
"Arthur-san fell asleep in the hot spring. Though Japan's latitude is similar with England's, the climate…"

题目 : 女性向同人。
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